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ADSL - Why does my upload kill my download speed?


An ADSL question we frequently get asked is "Why does web browsing, you-tube video watching or software downloading grind to a halt when I am uploading?" This is a good question as  ADSL is, after all. a full duplex technology, which means that it should be able to upload and download at the same time, albeit at vastly different speeds. So why is it that when one is uploading to flickr or you-tube that you cannot get to your new site?

Broadband jargon explained - Contention ratio


Contention ratio

What is contention ratio and how does it affect broadband usage experience?

Contention ratio simply means "sharing". It refers to the maximum number of other people as user has to share the connection infrastructure with. In other words, it entails how much of ISP bandwidth users share between themselves. Most ISPs offer something in the range of 20:1 to 50:1. When it comes to contention ratio, the lower the ration the better the service.

Broadband security for your internet connection


When you have an internet connection, you are connected to a global wide area network (WAN) and this has benefits as well as dangers. The advantages are numerous and have revolutionised the way people work, play, learn and communicate from anywhere at any time. However, being on a WAN has also its share of negatives, chief being data theft.

How to change your ADSL routers ADSL account settings

A brief screencast showing how to change  your ADSL routers ADSL account settings.

How to change the APN on your Icon 401 with the Globetrotter Mobility Manager


A brief screencast showing how to change the APN on your Icon 401 using the GlobeTrotter Mobility Manager.

How to use your option/fusion Vodafone PC (PCMCIA) data card on your desktop computer


In this video blog I show you how to install the PCI - PCMCIA adapter card on your desktop computer to enable you to use your 3g option.fusion data card on your desktop pc. The adapter will enable you to use any PCMCIA card on your desktop including the globetrotter hsdpa pc data card

Important message: Vodacom 3G clients must upgrade to VMC-Lite 3.2.1


Vodacom has issued a statement urging their clients to upgrade their connection software to VMC-Lite 3.2.1. According to Dot Field, Vodacom Group’s chief communications officer this is very important as clients using the old software can be connected to the Vodacom network but will not be able to browse the internet.

Video explaining the difference between PC (PCMCIA) cards and PC-Express cards

I wrote an article explaining the difference between PC (PCMCIA) 3g/hdpa cards and PC-Express cards late last year but soon realised that this is the kind of topic that lends itself well to a video blog. It is much easier to see with your eyes than explain with text! So here is our first video blog explaining the difference between 3g,hsdpa PC (PCMCIA) and PC-Express cards.

Screencast on how to change the APN using the Vodafone 3G Mobile Connect Software

Another screencast in our on-going series to assist our customers with technical support issues. Now you can see exactly what steps need to be taken to fix your issues rather than attempt to have a call-centre agent explain where you have to click! If you prefer to to talk to someone, or don't come right, please don't hesitate to contact us on 011-781 8014.


Screencast on how to edit your outgoing smtp setting in Outlook express for Cyber Connects 3G/HSDPA SMTP server settings

Hi all,

This brief instructional screencast has been produced to assist you with changing your SMTP server setting in outlook express to enable you to send emails while connected to the net using our 3G,HSDPA solutions.


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