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oDroid VU5 5inch 800x480 HDMI display with Multi-touch

oDroid VU5 5inch 800x480 HDMI display with Multi-touch


A 5-inch multi-touch screen for ODROIDs gives the users an ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, game consoles, infotainment systems and embedded systems. The 800x480 display connects to ODROID-C2 / C1+ via an HDMI link board and a micro-USB link board which handles power and signal.

Just by connecting a DC plug into the DC-jack on C2 / C1+, and you are ready to play, once you install the latest OS up- date. This high-quality touchscreen is specifically designed to work with both Android and Linux on the ODROID-C1+, ODROID-C2 and ODROID-XU4.


oDroid VU5 5inch 800x480
R 1,300
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5-inch TFT-LCD
*Screen Resolution: 800x480 pixels
*5 finger capacitive touch input (USB ID 16B4:0704)
*Power consumption : 500mA/5Volt
*Backlight on/off slide switch
*Viewing angle (in degree) : Left 70, Right 70, Up 70, Down 50
*Screen Dimensions : 121 x 93.31 x 15 mm Including switch and connectors)
*Viewable screen size : 108 x 64 mm (active area)