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oDroid LCD 3.5" Touch Screen

The oDroid LCD 3.5" Touch Screen comes fully assembled and features a display with 480 x 320 TFT LCD.  This touch screen just plugs directly on top of the oDroid - C2/C1+/C0.  In order for you to use the ODROID-XU4 board with this 3.5" touch screen, you will be required to use a shifter-shield board.

oDroid LCD 3.5" Touch Screen R 513.04
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Requirements:  You will need an official Ubuntu image to configure it.  The kernel updates can be downloaded (via dist-upgrade).


LCD Interface Parallel 8-bit
Touch Screen Resistive
Touch Screen Controller SX865X (I2C)
LCD Active Area 48.96(H) x 73.44(V)mm
Backlight LED
Resolution 480 x 320 pixels
LCD Controller ILI9488
Board Size 56(H) x 95(V) x 17(T)mm
Weight 54g

Please follow the step by step guide from the WiKi. If not, the display won't work.