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Nexus 7 Tablet - Top 10 Must Have Android Apps


The Nexus 7 Google tablet from ASUS's form factor, being a 7" tablet (17cm for those of us that use the more modern metric system), makes it convenient to carry with you which is not something that can be said of the larger form factor tablets. This convenient size, combined with its affordable pricing, makes it a must-have device.

Nexus 7 -  Convenient & Affordable

Since it is always with you, like your wallet and cell phone, the type of applications one finds most useful on the Nexus 7 are different to ones you typically find most useful on larger form factor tablets. Before I set out the top 6 must-have Android applications for the Nexus, I feel compelled to point of, that the ideal model, if you can afford it, is the Nexus 3G. Since the device is always with you, there is nothing more frustrating than needing to have internet access but not having any wifi available. Maybe, in time, we will have ubiquitous & free wifi coverage where ever you go in Cape Town Johannesburg and Durban, but right now it is not the case.  With the 10 inch tablets getting the Wifi option is a smarter move than paying the premium for the 3g version, as it is less mobile, you usually only take it to place where there is wifi, like work or home.

Nexus 7 Wifi Only Model + Mifi Device = Happiness

An option, if you balk at the premium for the 3g model is to get the WiFi version and the purchase a Mifi, or mobile 3G router, to take with you. Although this is another device you have to carry with you, it will be worth it, as several devices can share the single 3G card via wifi, meaning you get to save money on the cheaper wifi only models and also you don't have to pay for several 3g contracts.

And now  the top 6 Adroid Apps for the Nexus 7:

  • Skype - The mobile version of the desktop application. If you have Skype credit you can make calls to land lines or cell phones in a pinch :)
  • GTalk - Instant messaging on Gmail and Google plus. This comes bundled with the Google apps on Android, don't install any 3rd party apps for Gtalk,
  • Kindle E-Reader - If you have a kindle this application is a must. It syncs with your account and makes all the book on your kindle available on your Nexus. It will even sync up the last place read to and from your kindle, making it easy to pick-up where you left-off on any of your devices. You may well ask, why would I read on a 7" tablet when I can read on my kindle? Well think about this the next time you in a queue at the post office or grocery store. Due to the small size of the Nexus 7, you will probably have it on you and can now do some reading instead of waiting for the person in front of you to finish paying their bills at the checkout counter.
  • Waze - You get Google turn-by-turn navigation with the Google apps, but Waze add more information, such as location of road-works, broken traffic lights and police road blocks.
  • Ster Kinekor App - So you meant to book tickets online for the movie but you didn't and you are having dinner out and time is running late; but its a beautiful evening and you don't want to rush, besides you are enjoying your partners company. What do you do so you don't get late to the movies and have to wait in the ticket queue? You whip out your Nexus 7 and book online while having dinner. The app allows you to see what movies are available, start times, seat selection and reviews. Great stuff!
  • Gautrain App - Never wonder about the next train time or if the bus service is in operation again. This is bound to get more popular with e-tolls!