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Neotel Antennas

Neotel External Antenna R1,075

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This is the highest gain antenna available for the CDMA/EVDO frequencies.

14 dBi max gain and a gain of 11 dBi over the 824 - 894 MHz band.

  • Compatable with NEOTEL units
  • 10 m cable and a TNC (m) connector  :
  • Fits the following Neotel units: NeoConnect Lite, NeoConnect Prime, NeoFlex


Box Contents:
  • High gain yagi antenna,
  • 2 x U-Bolt, 2x Econo bracket, 4x Washers and nuts
  •  FME(m) to TNC adpater cable

Neotel External Yagi Antenna Installation

The antenna is supplied with a U-Bolts to fit on a pole up to 50 mm in diameter. Please note that the wall bracket,mounting pole and installation is NOT included. Please have a look at the left for wall brackets and poles.

Mount the antenna on a pole outside the home or office. The antenna must be installed as high as the cable allows. It should be pointed in the direction of the cellular tower. Have a look here to get more advice on installing the antenna. Take the cable into the house or office and connect the 10 m to the 30 cm long phone adapter cable. The other end of the adapter cable gets connectoed to your CDMA/EVDO phone (remember to remove the stubby antenna from the CDMA/EVDO phone).

Antenna Mounting Kit Also Available!