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Fibre optic connectivity - Why the hype?

Fibre optic technology has totally revolutionised the telecommunications industry as it provides unparalled benefits to both the service providers and end-users alike. Wikipedia describes it is a "form of transmitting information from one point to another by sending a signal of light through an optical fibre."

So what exactly are the advantages of the fibre optic cable over its copper cousin?

1. Carrying capacity - Fibre optic cables carry more traffic than copper cables and this means that users enjoy rhe ultimate experience on this type of connection.

2. Low attenuation - signal degradation is low in fibre optic cables.

3. Digital signals - Ideal medium for data transmission within the WAN.

4. Cable theft - The existing copper networks in South Africa are an endangered species due to cable theft. However, fibre optical cables remove this threat of service outage rendered by this form of theft.