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3G/ HSDPA maximises your time utilisation and productivity.


The 3G/ HSDPA technology has created an unprecedented revolution in communication. Gone are the days when you had to be at the office, home or anywhere where there was a Telkom line to send and receive emails, do internet banking or just surf the net. The other major disadvantage was that if you did not have a internect connection at home then you could not work outside working hours. Field staff suffered the same limitations.

3G/ HSDPA technology offers relief as it is a carry-me-anywhere-everywhere solution and it also represents the fastest growing internet connection alternative in South Africa because of the delays and frustrations attendant to Telkom line installations and rampart cable theft.

Field staff, from sales personnel to onsite engineers, remain in contact with their offices or Head Office via 3G/ HSDPA technology. Coverage is near universal as even in the remote places, you can still have access via the GPRS protocol.

Lucent Technologies carried a research on how mobile users expected to benefit from 3G/ HSDPA technologies and the results are below:

1. Portable Travel Agent - whether at home or abroad this service keeps the user fully updated on leisure facilities and events and provides maps, guidance and help with translation and currency.

2. Home Security - connects directly to the user’s home and monitors activity via bulletins and video links (which can also be preprogrammed at regular intervals). The system also enables the home owner to turn lights on/off and control other integrated appliances.

3. Live Wire - intelligent on-demand multi-media service with access to unlimited music, news, short videos, tv, news or books. The service not only enables on-demand access it also remembers what you like and will make recommendations.

4. More Than Words - send hand written messages, drawings, pictures and audio attachments in a fully customised multi-media message.

5. My Mobile Planet - enables the user to actively participate in both global and
personal communication communities anytime, anywhere.