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Huawei B660 3G Wireless Router Globe Surfer Replacement


The Huawei B660 Router is a 3G router which allows sharing of the 3G connection via a wireless access point and wired lan. The 3g router which was  launched in 2011 provides high speed connections up to HSDPA with the connection being shared via an 802.11 b/g/n wireless access point which provides up to 150Mbit/s. The device also provides 4 lan ports if the device need to be integrated into a wired network.  The B66 is our replace for the well known Globe Surfer 3G router which is no longer available in South Africa.

3G Wireless Router Ideal for SOHO or Mobile Teams Requiring Shared Internet AccessHuawei B660 3G Wireless Router replaces Glob Surfer

The device is ideal for SOHO offices, where there is no telkom lines or for mobile teams that move around from office to office, staying for short periods of time where getting Internet access at the client would be time consuming and even if access is granted the teams ability to use online tools and connect to their home office for mail etc may be restricted.

3G Router Ideal for SME's or Branch Offices

The device provides an external diversity antenna that will help boost the wireless signal to ensure maximum speeds for all those connected to the device while its easy use web based interface ensures that staff can install and configure the device and be up and running in minutes.

B660 Globe Surfer Replacement Device