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Boost Your Cell Reception with a 3G External Antennas


3G antennas are an affordable and easy way to improve cell or mobile broadband reception at your office or home. An external antenna really can make the difference between a frustratingly slow GPRS connection and 3G or HSDPA by boosting the signal your USB modem or 3G router receives and sends. 

External 3G Antenna Improves Cell Phone/Broadband Signal Reception

 The antennas are easy to install and manual adjustment to the antennas position can be made to obtain the best signal. Its easier if you know the general direction of your nearest cell tower. The only drawback to an external antenna is that you loose the mobility of 3G. For many people though, who cannot obtain an ADSL line, either due to cable theft or because telkom has not rolled out telephone services to their area, this is the only option. 

How 3G External Antenna Works

 How the antenna works is similar to your TV arial. The external arial or antenna is fitted to a external wall, typically on the roof and aligned with the nearest cell tower. A 7M cables is provided with the antenna which the maximum extent your 3G USB modem or 3G router can be from the antenna. For USB modems an adapter, often referred to as a glove, is provided which slips over your USB modem. A router requires a socket for the antenna if it uses an integrated 3G modem or can fit over the USB modem if the unit obtains its 3G functionality from a USB modem.

If you need to obtain a 3G external antenna see our 3G antenna page. Feel free to call us on 011 781 8014 or email us if you have any questions.