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Channel Bond ADSL, Diginet and Wireless Connections for the Optimal Broadband Solution

Channel bonding now allows businesses to channel multiple ADSL lines with other access technologies like diginet/leased lines and wireless connections, such as WiMax and 3g/hsdpa into a single large pipe for Internet access. The first generation of channel bonding only allowed for the bonding of similar broadband technologies but now it is possible to bond heterogenous WAN/Internet access technologies!

Channel Bond Any Telecommunication Medium or Broadband Access Technology - Diginet,WiMax,ADSL,3G

The benefits of this new capability is that businesses can downgrade, but not replace, their diginet lines and substitute the lost capacity with a cheaper, faster, bonded ADSL solution. Why would business wish to keep their expensive, diginet/leased lines?  Well since diginet offers guaranteed throughput and uptime while ADSL does not, mission critical services can be guaranteed access.

Of course businesses should also consider replacing their expensive diginet/leased lines with wireless point-to-point access technology such as WiMax which provides a more robust service as it is not subject to service interruption because of cable theft.

Utilise Your Redundant Internet Connection and Improve ROI!

Another advantage of channel bonding is that it allows companies to make use of their redundant, or backup Internet connection, during normal operations. In many companies, the redundant connection is not utilised until the need arises, much like having a server on standby in case the primary server fails. Until this situation arises, the resource is idle.

With channel bonding you can now make use of the redundant connection as part of your pipe to the Internet during normal operations. By configuring the bonding device, low priority, or non-critical, traffic can be routed over the bonded ADSL or other access medium, while priority traffic can be routed over the redundant link. For example most companies will route web access over their bonded ADSL while the diginet or leased line will be used for VOIP traffic and mail.

Cyber Connect - Your Channel Bonding Specialists

So with channel bonding of heterogeneous technologies businesses no longer have to make a choice of a single access technology. Nor do you have to continually change your access technology as your need changes or as your company grows. You can simple purchase the combination of speed, bandwidth and guaranteed uptime you need and know that they can be made to work together to provide the best service and return on investment fot you money.