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Asus T500 3G/ HSDPA

ASUS - T500 3.5G High Speed PCIe Card
To cater to users who require fast connectivity with innovative phone features, ASUS has today announced the release of the ASUS T500 3.5G High Speed PC card. This PC card is able to provide users with 3.6Mbps data download speed, and offers unique phone communication functions for the PC or laptop. With top-notch technologies, the T500 will provide users with high speed wireless connectivity that is even better than Wi-Fi in some locations.
3.5G High Speed PC Card Designed with a small and slim outlook, the ASUS T500 is perfectly compatible with the PC or laptop. With a high data upload/download speed, it provides complete data transfers in a few seconds and possesses strong phone-like communication functions that allow phone calls to be made on the laptop or PC. The ASUS T500 utilizes the latest PC interface and utilizes the PCI express architecture in accordance with recent trends – where laptops have changed interfaces from PCMCIA to PCI express; requiring new users with the need to use PCI express interface cards to go through WiFi or 3.5G modems to connect to the Internet.

Powerful Contact Management The T500 has an audio path from the PC card headset jack and supports voice call functions. With the PC, there is no limit in the number of records in the PC site, and this will include Names, mobile numbers, home numbers, office numbers and Email addresses. With extensive Phone call & Phone book management, the T500 will allow users to easily edit SIM contacts through a PC interface. It also supports SIM, phone book and Outlook sync functions to manage contacts in the phone and laptop with ease. Another powerful function is the call log feature, which can record 100 records for missed calls, dialed calls and received calls. Users will be able to send SMS and save contact numbers from this log – making it more efficient to keep track of contacts.
SMS management The T500 makes it simple to utilize the PC interface to edit the content of SMS. With a user-friendly interface, it supports SMS editing functions, send SMS via contact or phone number, forward or reply SMS and record failed or successful transmissions and create new folders for individual contacts.
Multiple Access ServicesThe T500 supports GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, as well as WCDMA 2100/1900/850 access services. With a data download speed of 3.6Mbps and an upload speed of 384kbps, it outperforms traditional 3G/EDGE/GPRS and ADSL solutions, and can replace the role of the ADSL or Cable modem for the general end-user.
Easy Setup and ConfigurationThe T500 also makes it user friendly to setup with its auto configuration feature. With a built-in easy-to-follow wizard, the T500 can detect SIM cards and automatically configure itself – without the need for users to worry about complicated setup procedures. It is also able to automatically select the fastest network and band selection; and supports profile recording for quick access network.
User Friendly FeaturesThe user can also choose which language they find it easiest to work with. The T500 supports Multilanguage functionality with support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese languages. The T500 is also able to automatically upgrade itself when first launched via a Live Update – ensuring that users get the latest version of software updates automatically.
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GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / WCDMA2100 / 1900 / 850


PCI Express


105 x 34 x 10mm, < 55g


DL 3.6 Mbps, UL 384 Kbps



Voice call


Network select

Auto/Manual selection

Call logs

100 sets for missed calls / dialed calls / received calls


Send SMS / Dialed calls / Search