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Bonded ADSL versus ADSL Load Balancer


Companies' look at our bonded ADSL solution are often put off by the high cost of the premium bandwidth associated with the solution. The high cost of the bandwidth is attributable to the low, actually non existent, contention ratios on the bandwidth with the ration being 1:1. Residential ADSL lines often have ration of 1:20 or higher which explains why performance can vary so widely on an ADSL connection. During the day at peak times, when a company needs the most bandwidth so does every other business in the area and hence everyone gets poor throughput on their lines.

Bonded ADSL - High Cost of Bandwidth Explained

Since the bonded ADSL solution is aimed squarely at those companies that need more reliable bandwidth than ADSL with a much bigger  pipe but cannot afford the costs of a diginet leased line. It would make no sense to supply these corporates with bandwidth that during the most needed time under performs. This is why the contention rations, and hence price of bandwidth is a lot more for our bonded ADSL solution.

ADSL Load Balancer - Many Users, Moderate Bandwidth Requirements Per User

Our ADSL load balancer solution is aimed at those corporates or schools that require lots of bandwidth at lower prices but can live with the intermittent nature of ADSL bandwidth. It is also idea if you have lots of users that need to perform simple taks on the Internet such as email, surfing and skyping, rather than needing to do bandwidth intensive activities such as upload large video files etc.

The load balancer can scale as your number of user on the network increase and provide the same standard of bandwidth per user by adding more lines to the load balancer solution.

Bonded ADSL or Load Balancer?

So which solution is best for you should be relatively easy to decided based on the benefits and features of the two solutions. If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 011 781 8014 or email us!