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Wimax benefits compared to ADSL


WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless broadband technology that is now hitting the South African market in a big way. WiMax is squarely aimed at current users of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)  and diginet leased line technology . So what are the benefits of WiMax when compared to ADSL?

WiMax Benefits

WiMax benefits include:

  • WiMax is wireless, no need for telkom lines to get broadband access! - This may not seem like a big reason to consider WiMax, especially if you have an existing ADSL line, but theft of telkom cable is rife and when a cable is removed it can take Telkom weeks to install a new cable. ADSL is not a guaranteed service so Telkom has no commitment to you to restore services as soon as possible, all they can do is promise to get around to it when time and resources permit.
  • WiMax has synchronous upload and download speeds - WIth ADSL your upload speed is limited to 512Kbps. In addition you cannot upload and download at your maximum speed at the same time; with WiMax your upload speed matches your download speed, up to a maximum of 1Mbps, and you can download and upload at the same time!
  • Guaranteed throughput speeds are available, WiMax replaces diginet leased lines - With the WiMax Assured service you are guaranteed throughput speeds of up to 256Kbps. Thats makes it comparable to leased diginet lines and the pricing includes uncapped internet access! The WiMax broadband offering gives speeds up to 1Mbps but, as with ADSL, this is not guaranteed.
  • Extremely low latency times - With WiMax your latency can vary from 30Ms to 58Ms, which is phenomenal when compared to 3G and other wireless technologies,
  • WiMax is a licensed wireless spectrum and not the public wireless spectrum - This means that you are not competing with every other office or business in your area that has decided to deploy its own wireless antenna,
  • Lower contention ratios-  If you are using the consumer WiMax broadband offering your contention  ratios are much lower than for Telkom's ADSL.  Vodacom promises a contention ratio of 20:1! So your throughput in peak usage times should be much better than ADSL. Telkom claims a 20:1 contention ratios but most suspect this is this is can vary up to 100:1.