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Cut Bandwidth Costs - Route Local Traffic over Local ADSL

Sharp companies know that cost cutting is one of the key factors to survive the economic downturn. The real smart ones know that cutting down on staff only means you are worse off in the long run, and look to reduce costs in other areas.

Bandwidth costs have become a significant expense over the last 5 years, especially in South Africa where Telkom milks every last drop from corporates and consumers as its monopoly slips from its grasp. As we have covered before, one way to cut costs is to downgrade your broadband link from diginet to bonded ADSL. Another option, if you don't use diginet or want to use bonded ADSL, is to route all local traffic, such as mail, iol etc over an ADSL connection that uses "Local Only" ADSL.

Local only ADSL accounts cost less than 1/2 the price of international bandwidth accounts, and allow users to surf web site and access resources on the Internet within South Africa only. Traffic that goes over international links is charged at a much higher rate thus by restricting users to SA resources only significant cost savings result. (On the premium international bandwidth accounts, all traffic is charged at international rates even if it is local.) The fact that local only ADSL accounts can only access local sites may seem to make them pretty useless for most businesses or home users but this would be an incorrect assessment.

Local-Only ADSL Cheaper than Interenational ADSL Accounts

Local only ADSL can be useful for branches to connect to head office over a Virtual Private Network (VPN), since all traffic on the VPN is local, significant costs can be saved. Even at head office, local only ADSL accounts can save money by routing all requests for local Internet resources, such as banking site, news sites and mail, over a local only ADSL connection while international traffic gets routed over the vastly more expensive international bandwidth accounts. This happens transparently for users, who are completely unaware how traffic is being routed over your broadband links.

To set this up requires some clever manipulation of your firewalls routing traffic routing tables, but this is well worth the effort in bandwidth cost saving that can accrue, even over the short term.  if you are interested in using a local-only ADSL account to cut costs and need assistance in setting this up and configuring your router please contact us for a quote! If you don't have a router or firewall in place don't worry as we can assist there too. Our firewall router solutions include load-balancing of local traffic over a local-adsl account!