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Bonded ADSL is a Solution That Fills The Gap Between ADSL and Leased Lines


Bonded ADSL is a recent addition to the broadband solutions available in the South African market. Previously the only step up for a company, once it had reached the limits of its ADSL connection was to try load balancing across several lines.

Load balancing means routing different network traffic across different lines, so for example mail would be routed across one ADSL line while web traffic would be routed across another. Load balances could be used to extend the usefulness of ADSL by dividing users web sessions across different ADSL lines, to ensure that no one line became saturated, and that users did not experienced decreasing web access speeds as more and more users climbed on.

Bonded ADSL is not load balancing

Once the capabilities of load balancing had been exhausted corporates were left with the only option of buying expensive leased line or diginet. Bonded ADSL is a solution that fills the gap between load balanced ADSL and diginet. Bonded ADSL is a broadband solution that takes up to 5 separate ADSL lines and bonds them together to provide one larger "pipe" to the Internet.

A bonded ADSL solution essentially makes up to 5 individual ADSL lines one large pipe. So bonding 5 ADSL lines with 4Mbps up and 512Kbps down you can get up to 20Mbps down and 2Mbps up! Many corporates are switching from their expensive leased or diginet lines to bonded ADSL as a cheaper service with better bandwidth and perfomance