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Latest codec improves Skype voice quality


Skype has released SILK, its latest codec that greatly improves voice quality on all Skype calls. The other good news is that this codec is being distributed for free and is already available on Skype 4.0. Skype's GM, Jonathan Christensen, is quoted as saying "the company will make the new codec available for anyone to use for any purpose without license fees or restrictions."

Cut costs by switching from diginet lines to a bonded ADSL solution

With the pressure to cut costs and survive the current economic downturn companies are looking at ways for reducing costs without giving up any of the resources and supplies they need to function.  In some respects the downturn is good as it is forcing companies to become more efficient. Whereas in the past, expensive, old technology, solutions were put in place and never looked at again as new technology emerged, companies are now being forced to re-assess their infrastructure to look at more efficient ways of operating.

Screencast on how to edit your outgoing smtp setting in Outlook express for Cyber Connects 3G/HSDPA SMTP server settings

Hi all,

This brief instructional screencast has been produced to assist you with changing your SMTP server setting in outlook express to enable you to send emails while connected to the net using our 3G,HSDPA solutions.

Screencast on how to change the APN for the Asus T500 PC 3G,HSDPA card


We are producing some screencast to assist our customers with various technical problems that they come across. One of the main issues customers face is changing their APN if they re-install their software after a machine crash or for some other reason. Our APN is and this needs to be changed in the software. Unfortunately every modem has its own software so it is not the same for all pieces of hardware.

Below is our video cast for changing the APN for the Asus T500.

Twitter spam

You know a technology has hit the mainstream when it becomes commercially viable for spammers to exploit. If this measure is used, then twitter or micro-blogging, has reached the tipping point. Spammers are now starting to make use of twitter in a big way.


I take my hat off to Nashua's advertising agency for coining the catch-word "Internetlessness". This seemingly innocuous term implies a lot and much of it is very damaging. It means that the person suffering from internetlessness cannot check emails, cannot do internet banking, cannot browse the internet and cannot generally enjoy the benefits of other online services and productivity tools!

The A in ADSL stands for Asymmetric


Many ADSL users are surprised that when they trying and upload something via their ADSL connection, that their download speed seems to drop to nothing. User's are under that impression that if the upload speed is 4Mbps and the download is 512Kbps then you should be able to upload and download at those speed simultaneously. The conceptual model is that there are two "pipes" an up "pipe" and a down "pipe" that one should be able to "max out" at the same time.

Life without the Internet

Life without the Internet, can you remember what that was like? Well a few days ago I got to live like they did in the olden days when my ADSL router went to the great interconnect in the sky. I got home at 6:00 and found that the router lights were on but no-one was home. So I rebooted the router and waited, watching the light and the network icon on the monitor flicker away.

VOIP and Tech Blogs


Just in case people are looking for other blogs that we do here are the links.

Open Source Tech Blog


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Cheaper internet 3 to 4 months away!

Seacomm has reported satisfactory in its laying of the undersea cable that will offer overdue relief to internet consumers in the country.

The price of bandwidth in South Africa is comparatively high but the good news is that the deployment of seacomm infrastructure will slash broadband prices by huge margins.


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