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How to change your ADSL routers ADSL account settings

A brief screencast showing how to change  your ADSL routers ADSL account settings.

Video demonstrating the Option Icon 401 USB, HSDPA, HSUPA modem

Another video in our growing collecting showing off the capabilities of the Option Icon 401 USB, HSDPA, HSUPA modem. The Icon 401 has the following product specs (don't worry this is all covered in the video so you don't have to read through it):

How to change the APN on your Icon 401 with the Globetrotter Mobility Manager


A brief screencast showing how to change the APN on your Icon 401 using the GlobeTrotter Mobility Manager.

Leveraging Sales 2.0


Radical developments in internet technologies has spawned social networking sites that have become the ultimate disruptive technology, a phenomenon that describes how a new technological innovation, product, or service eventually "overturns the existing dominant technology in the market."

The good news is that, social networks are effective business tools.

Take for instance the following example carried on Marketing Tool Guide website:

How to use your option/fusion Vodafone PC (PCMCIA) data card on your desktop computer


In this video blog I show you how to install the PCI - PCMCIA adapter card on your desktop computer to enable you to use your 3g option.fusion data card on your desktop pc. The adapter will enable you to use any PCMCIA card on your desktop including the globetrotter hsdpa pc data card

Video blog on the Asus T500 3g,HSDPA data card

Here is a video blog showing off the capabilities of the Asus T500 3g,HSDPA pc-express data card. The Asus T500 is a pc-express card, that will fit into any laptop with such a port. It also comes with a USB adapter, so that it can be used on any machine with a USB port too! This is a great convenience if you wish to use the card on a desktop machine, as well as your laptop. The accessories include a protective carry pouch, USB cables and a headset to receive cell phone calls while you are surfing the internet.! A CD with the installation software is also included

Boost your internet connectivity via bonded ADSL


There is some good news for those businesses seeking to improve their internet connectivity. Getting a bonded broadband connection improves the speed of bandwidth available to them in the most cost-effective way. The bonded solution joins inbound and outbound bandwidth across multiple broadband connections, creating a single lightining fast internet connection.

Important message: Vodacom 3G clients must upgrade to VMC-Lite 3.2.1


Vodacom has issued a statement urging their clients to upgrade their connection software to VMC-Lite 3.2.1. According to Dot Field, Vodacom Group’s chief communications officer this is very important as clients using the old software can be connected to the Vodacom network but will not be able to browse the internet.

Video explaining the difference between PC (PCMCIA) cards and PC-Express cards

I wrote an article explaining the difference between PC (PCMCIA) 3g/hdpa cards and PC-Express cards late last year but soon realised that this is the kind of topic that lends itself well to a video blog. It is much easier to see with your eyes than explain with text! So here is our first video blog explaining the difference between 3g,hsdpa PC (PCMCIA) and PC-Express cards.

Screencast on how to change the APN using the Vodafone 3G Mobile Connect Software

Another screencast in our on-going series to assist our customers with technical support issues. Now you can see exactly what steps need to be taken to fix your issues rather than attempt to have a call-centre agent explain where you have to click! If you prefer to to talk to someone, or don't come right, please don't hesitate to contact us on 011-781 8014.



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