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Internet cafe set-up made easy - thanks to Userful's Pay and Surf


Userful is offering business people the opportunity to create profitable multiple income streams by selling internet access. Users are looking to get internet access from everywhere and WiFi hotspots are not the answer as over 85% of South Africans do not own laptops, leaving them dependant on internet shops.

Bonded ADSL is a Solution That Fills The Gap Between ADSL and Leased Lines


Bonded ADSL is a recent addition to the broadband solutions available in the South African market. Previously the only step up for a company, once it had reached the limits of its ADSL connection was to try load balancing across several lines.

Bonded ADSL - Better Than Load Balancing


Bonded ADSL is a broadband solution that takes up to 5 separate ADSL lines and bonds them together to provide one larger "pipe" to the Internet.

Bonded ADSL is not load balancing

Bonded ADSL is different from a load balancing solution, which simply route different type of traffic, such as web or mail, over different ADSL connections. With these solutions the maximum throughput is limited to the capabilities of a single ADSL line.

ICASA - What About Poor Data Services From Vodacom/MTN?

There has been a lot of activity recently around the cell phone companies and the allegations of deteriorating services. The Idols fiasco brought nation wide attention to the problem. ICASA summoned the cell phone providers to explain this debacle and the ongoing complaints of dropped calls. The outcome of this was of little comfort to consumers, since the providers assured ICASA that there is nothing wrong with their services.

Google Search Timeout Blamed on Misbehaving Proxy Servers

It appears that problems with Internet Solutions proxy servers are causing wide spread outages of vital online services for many South Africa broadband users. Many users have been reporting persistent problems accessing well know web sites over the past couple of weeks.

SEACOM and Broadband Prices - When will the local customers get relief?

Local broadband consumers, beleaguered by some of the highest broadband tariffs, vis-a-vis the international community, were expectant that the commissioning of the SEACOM cable sometime in June would bring the much awaited relief. Reports about the progress made in the laying down of the submarine cable piqued the anticipation that by mid year, broadband prices would nose-dive by huge margins. However, all those promises are turning out to be a pie in the sky after all.

3G/ HSDPA protocols unpacked


There are various protocols that are available for wireless internet connections. This article looks at them, starting with the fastest: 1. HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access, also known as 3.5G) : This is the newest type of 3G mobile network. HSDPA allows the end user to receive data at up to 14.4Mbps. (This is not yet available in South Africa though but we are getting there!) That's as fast or faster than many wired broadband connections. All USB modems sold in South Africa are HSDPA enabled. 2.

3G/ HSDPA maximises your time utilisation and productivity.


The 3G/ HSDPA technology has created an unprecedented revolution in communication. Gone are the days when you had to be at the office, home or anywhere where there was a Telkom line to send and receive emails, do internet banking or just surf the net. The other major disadvantage was that if you did not have a internect connection at home then you could not work outside working hours. Field staff suffered the same limitations.

Wimax and Metronet Provide Redundant Internet Links for High Availability Environments

Wimax and Metronet are two, relatively new wireless options, that provide Corporates that need highly available, guaranteed uptime and throughput Internet conenction,s with multiple options for a redundant link.

FNB Disconnect


FNB Connect - FNB Launches "cheap" Internet and VOIP services

I am sure by now that you have heard that FNB plans to offer cheap Internet connections and phone call to its customers. If you have a sense of De' Javu don't be surprised, this was tried by Absa in 2006 with disastrous results.


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