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Seacom and Broadband pricing - relief overdue to consumers

South Africa still has some of the highest broadband prices and this has negatively impacted the uptake and usage of broadband in the country. Consumers were expectant that, as per the much publicised benefits the deployment of the Seacom cable was expected to bring, broadband prices would nose-dive by June/ July and they would enjoy their online experience at basement prices.

Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) Abuses ECT Act


Well we have been served notice by the "Recording Industry of South Africa" RISA to block certain site to our subscribers. Cyber Connect does not intended to comply with the order as we regard its a an attempt to censure the Internet and police the actions of our subscribers. According to section 77 of the ECT act of 2002 Cyber Connect cannot be held liable for how our subscribers use the service we provide. For more information please see OTE

Cut Bandwidth Costs - Route Local Traffic over Local ADSL

Sharp companies know that cost cutting is one of the key factors to survive the economic downturn. The real smart ones know that cutting down on staff only means you are worse off in the long run, and look to reduce costs in other areas.

WiMax and Bonded ADSL Provide Leased Line Alternatives for Inter-Branch Connectivity

For many years the only viable way to connect your branches to head office was to use expensive ,wired, point-to-point connections such as Telkom's diginet leased lines. Then ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)  finally arrived in South Africa and companies decided to cut costs and use Virtual Private Network's over broadband ADSL connections to connect branches to head office.

Vodacom My Meg Data Contracts With Data Carry Over


Vodacom's My Meg HSDPA data contracts are a firm favourite with South Africans and Cyber Connect is happy to be able to make these offerings available to our customers. The Vodacom My Meg contracts are 24 month contracts that come with a free USB HSDPA modem. The exact model that comes with the contract can vary but usually it is the Option 225,  Option 401 modem or a Huawei modem.

Confed Cup - Get all the info and stats

I must confess that the Confederation Cup fever that is gripping the country at the present moment has not spared me. Being an ardent soccer fan and a bit player, I find the pull of big names players like Kaka, Torres, Fabregas et al irresistible. The country has proved a capable host of high profile games and I cannot wait to see the juicy clashes between the top 8 soccer nations showcase "sexy" soccer and incredible goals. That is what we fans enjoy most!

Diginet leased lines - reliable internet connectivity


Diginet leased lines provide the perfect solution to big businesses and SMEs alike who require a 24/7, secure internet connection to run their bandwidth-intensive, rich media, mission critical applications.

What are the benefits of a diginet connection?

1. Assured connectivity - Internet connectivity is provided via a dedicated Diginet link and as these links are monitored for 24 hours a day, the service quality is great and guaranteed.

Fibre optic connectivity - Why the hype?

Fibre optic technology has totally revolutionised the telecommunications industry as it provides unparalled benefits to both the service providers and end-users alike. Wikipedia describes it is a "form of transmitting information from one point to another by sending a signal of light through an optical fibre."

So what exactly are the advantages of the fibre optic cable over its copper cousin?

Channel Bond ADSL, Diginet and Wireless Connections for the Optimal Broadband Solution

Channel bonding now allows businesses to channel multiple ADSL lines with other access technologies like diginet/leased lines and wireless connections, such as WiMax and 3g/hsdpa into a single large pipe for Internet access. The first generation of channel bonding only allowed for the bonding of similar broadband technologies but now it is possible to bond heterogenous WAN/Internet access technologies!

WiMAX - Revolutionising broadband on the go!


WiMax is described in one whitepaper as having done to internet connectivity what mobile phones did to the telephone industry. The hype around broadband on the go should neither be under-estimated or taken for granted. The way we work, play or relax has been changed and the good news is that we have been freed from the bondage of network cables.


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