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Globesurfer Icon USB Modem

There has been a silent entry on the South African market of a chic 3G/HSDPA USB modem, the black, flash-drive look-alike, Option Globesurfer ICON 225 USB modem. Touted by its manufacturer as one of its premier creation,s, this modem offers , among numerous advantages, cross-laptop and desktop operability as well as porsche like download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps .

3G or HSDPA - Which is the ideal choice?


Most of the clients shopping for the ideal wireless internet product that matches their requirements are usually left clueless and with no idea of what to buy mainly because service providers use a lot of mind boggling technical jargon in their service descriptions.

Take control of your router firmware for fun and security!

Most people are content to just get their ADSL or Wireless router, plug it into the phone jack and their PC and then start surfing. Then there are those people who like to "enhance" the hardware they just shelled out for.  I am pretty much like the first group when it comes to something like my car. I just want the thing to start and get me from A to B. I don't much care how it works internally. 

Unlocking the WRT54G3G to work with MTN or CellC

The Linksys WRT54G3G router is the most common 3G router on the South African market. Unfortunately as it come out of the box it is unable to connect to any network other than Vodacoms. It also supports a limited number of PCMCIA cards. At least the units we had in stock did. Most people are stuck using Vodacom sims with 3G instead of HSDPA with this router.

Wireless broadband connections exceed fixed line broadband access

It is with Interest that I read an opinion piece on Moneyweb today which explains the folly of Telkom's short sighted "screw em while you can" philosophy that characterized its 5 year guaranteed monopoly. The article is actual about Telkom giving up the battle for pay tv but its observation on its broadband strategy are spot on. Instead of using this period to build customer loyalty it set about finding every excuse to keep prices high and investment in infrastructure low.

Broadband usage exploding in South Africa

Over the past couple of months our broadband
sales have gone through the roof and its seems that South African’s
have an almost insatiable demand for faster Internet access. Apparently
we, Cyber Connect, are not alone and today Nashua released a press statement saying they are also experiencing a phenomenal growth in broadband sales.


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