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3G Antennas


3G Anttennas are in high demand these days as telkom's service delivery failure leaves many consumers and businesses with no choice but to use 3G for their broadband needs. 3G antennas are especially in demand in semi-rural and rural areas, or areas that fall on the periphery of South Africa's cell phone providers networks to boost signal strength and provide users with a useable internet connection. We provide 3g antennas that can be self-installed.

VoIP Benefits


According to IP PBX.CO.ZA, Businesses with multiple locations can benefit immensely from IP PBX technology. With either a LAN or WAN connection, offices can benefit from a common office phone system, including extension dialing and seamless call transfers. VoIP technology also allows for free inter-branch calls, even if the branches are hundreds or even thousands of kilometres apart.

Some of the benefits of VoIP include:

Cyber Connect launches exciting bonded ADSL Specials


Cyber Connect is currently running a Bundles Only exciting promotion on its bonded ADSL offering to clients who sign up before the end of May. Service does not have to be installed for the clients to enjoy this bonded ADSL bundles only special. However, a full 12 months contract must be signed by that date.

The prices are as follows:

2 Port 20GB

  1. Normal Price: R3 010 ex VAT
  2. Promo Price: R2 395 ex VAT
  3. Installation: R750 ex VAT

3 Port 50GB

What do you make of the latest Uncapped ADSL offerings so far?


There have been drastic price cuts following MWEB's surprise announcement last month. What do you think about this development and what improvements would you like to see in the service provision? Or do you simply require more information on the uncapped ADSL?

Your comments will be published on our website as an initiative to promote better service delivery that matches users' expectations.

Email us on: [email protected]

Can one really get "uncapped" ADSL?


The pre-Easter period was a particularly good one for internet users as we witnessed ISP after ISP announcing price cuts on their uncapped ADSL offerings. Finally, the country took tentative steps towards comforming to international trends characterised by basement pricing structures. Although the local tariffs are still unacceptably high, these price reversals are a harbinger of better times indeed.

No Telkom line but you want Internet access anyway?


The inability by Telkom to supply ADSL lines in time or ever at all has been fingered by many players as the weakest link in the diffusion of broadband services within both metropolitan areas and the hinterland.

Get Cheaper Uncapped ADSL for Your Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)


Many small office/home office (SOHO)  and SME enterprises have had their business stifled by the high cost of internet bandwidth in South Africa. For those who could afford it there was the uncapped ADSL offering of the past but this was hugely expensive and slow, making that uncapped ADSL offering impractical for the majority of SOHO users.

Uncapped ADSL heralds new internet usage dispensation


Local internet users were previously shackled by what Hilton Tarrant, a Moneyweb columinst, refers to as "data metering". Because the users had to closesly monitor the amount of data they consumed in an attempt to make it last for the month, they could not derive optimal value from their internet connectivity as a consequence.

Channel bonding - A cost-effective inter-branch connectivity solution


What benefits does channel bonding offer?


1. High Speed Communication

Bonded ADSL Explained

Why bonded ADSL?

Bonded ADSL is a cost-effective solution for doubling your upload and download speed in line with the requirements of running mission-critical, bandwidth intensive applications.This a far more cheaper option in comparison to leased lines


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