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8ta - 10GB for R199! The cheapest 3g data bundle available!


8ta 10GB for R199 special is by far the best deal available for 3g data bundles in South Africa and hopefully heralds the beginning of a price war in South Africa.  Did you know that Vodacom call charges are only 8c/minute in Kenya? But I digress. Get your 8ta 10Gb for R199 while its hot. 8ta says its only available for a limited period!

Offer no longer available



8ta 10GB for R199 Cheap and Fast

What is great about the 8.ta deal, which was know as Project Hulk internally ,is that it is  not only cheap, but it also fast as Telkom will be rolling out its 21Mbps network soon. The only catch, so far it appears, is that the speeds are only available when you are using Telkoms own 8.ta towers and not roaming on MTNs. This means that some spaces in the major cities are not covered by this deal which may mean your connection works in some locations but not others.

Get rid of your ADSL and Replace with 8ta 10GB Special

At this price 3G connectivity is cheaper and fast than ADSL! The other issue is that the special may run only for a short period so you will need to act fast to secure the deal. Cyber Connect is offering this incredible deal. Sign up now for a 24 month contract with us and we will ship you the 8ta sim as soon as the deal is available.