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Desktop 3G Omni Directional Antenna

Desktop 3G Omni Directional Antenna

The omni directional desktop antenna for 3G routers and 3G USB modem's is ideal for those living in urban areas that wish to improve download speeds. The compact size of the antenna means it can be easily installed without the need to drill holes or fix an external antenna to your building. For complexes it is often difficult to get approval to add external fixtures such as the high gain external 3G antenna.

The Desktop 3G Antenna'sCompact Design is Ideal for Mobile 3G Users

It is a great solution for mobile users who need constant connectivity but are unsure as the signal quality while out on the road and at various clients. Its small enough to fit into a laptop bag. The antenna comes with a SMA connector and an adapter will be required if the antenna is to plug into a USB modem directly.

Desktop 3G Omni Directional Antenna: R185


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