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Arduino Tinker Kit Starter Kit

Tinker Kit - Starter Kit

The Tinkerkit Starter Kit has everything you need to create robust systems .Arduino TinkerKit simplifies electronic prototyping by providing a wide variety of sensors and actuators on orange-coloured boards and hooked up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield and three-pin cable

Tinkerkit Starter-Kit R1,357

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SENSORS perceive what's going on in their world, and turn into an electronic signal that can be processed by a computer. the Tinkerkit includes a wide a range of different sensors,enabling you to detect temperature,light,touch,pressure, movement and more.

ACTUATORS convert electronic signals into something you can experience: leds blinking,beeps or music, rocket lauching. by connecting the modules in the tinkerkit you build any kind of system, from toys to robots, from lamps to computer interfaces.

The Box includes the following :

  • TinkerKit Sensor Shield
  • Push Button

  • Tilt Button
  • Touch Sensor
  • Pontetiometer
  • Linear Potentiometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Relay
  • LED *6
  • Cables *7