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Arduino Android Development Sensor Kit(ADT Sensor Kit)

The Arduino Android Development Sensor Kit (ADT Sensor Kit) provides a complete set of TinkerKit modules, sensors and components needed to launch your Android project. The  kit comes with the Arduino Mega ADK board, providing a combination of hardware and software designed to help with  designing accessories for Android devices.

Android Development Sensor Kit (ADK) for Arduino

ADK Sensor Kit R3,495
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The Android and Arduino integration development Kit (ADK)

TinkerKit modules simplify electronic prototyping by providing a wide variety of sensors and actuators soldered on orange-coloured boards that can be hooked up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield and three-pin cables.

A signal amplifier helps to stabilize the signals running on the cables, ensuring clean analysis from the sensors even on long distances (1m-5m). TinkerKit allows for the setup of interactive environments on the run without using a soldering iron or breadboard. It is ideal for schools and home projects. The Arduino TinkerKit Development Kit is  a pack of various TinkerKit modules, selected to help the user start designing interactive environments / prototype interfaces without using a breadboard or soldering iron.

  • Arduino Mega ADK x 1
  • Mega Sensor Shield V.2 x1
  • Button Module x2
  • LDR Module x1
  • Tilt Module x1
  • Therm Module x1
  • Accelerometer Module x1
  • Hall Sensor x1
  • Rotary Potentiometer Module x1
  • Linear Potentiometer Module x1
  • Touch Sensor Module x2
  • Joystick Sensor Module x2
  • Relay Module x2
  • Mosfet Module x1
  • High Power Led Module x1
  • 5 mm Blue Led Module x1
  • 5 mm Green Led Module x1
  • 5 mm Yellow Led Module x1
  • 5 mm Red Led Module x1
  • 10 mm Blue Led Module x1
  • 10 mm Green Led Module x1
  • 10 mm Yellow Led Module x1
  • 10 mm Red Led Module x1
  • 20 cm Cables x 6
  • 50 cm Cables x 4
  • 100 cm Cables x 2