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ADSL Load Balancer For Schools, Internet Cafes and Corporates


What is an ADSL Load Balancer?

An ADSL Load Balancer will balance the internet traffic load across multiple ADSL lines so that traffic is evenly spread across all lines. This ensure the most efficient and effective use of your ADSL line and prevent congestion on any one line, resulting in a frustrating experience for users while there is plenty of bandwidth available on another line. 

What you get with Cyber Connect ADSL Load Balancer  

The ADSL Load Balancer gives you:


  • A cost effective way to provide basic bandwidth to a lot of simultaneous users who need internet access for browsing, checking mail and skype. It is ideal for schools, internet cafes and exhibitions,

  • You get wan redundancy with load being balanced along remaining lines should one line become inoperative,

  • Monthly pricing includes provision of all the required hardware.


Why is the difference between your ADSL Load Balancer and Bonded ADSL offering?

 The load balancer does not aggregate the connection by merely balances load across multiple ADSL lines. Our bonded ADSL solution effectively bonds all available ADSL lines into one larger connection allowing a higher maximum through put per connection. The load balancers maximum throughput for a single connection is limited to the speed of a single line, but the load balancer can support the same number of connections at this speed as there are lines.

 The bonded ADSL solution is required if you need to move large amounts of data quickly. The bonded ADSL solution is ideal for the scenario where you have lots of simultaneous users with moderate speed requirements, like for browsing the web and checking mail.