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The UPS3 was designed specifically for these ODROID boards, C1 / C1+ / C2.  This uninterrupted power supply will provide emergency backup power to the device when the main power source fails.  The runtime of the UPS is relatively short however it is sufficient for standby power or shutting down the oDroid. 

oDroid UPS3 R837.39
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There is a digital output pin to notice the battery low-level warning to the ODROIDs that trigger the shutdown process. And the AC power source available, UPS3 will supply the power to the ODROID board again automatically. It will significantly reduce the risk of data loss by sudden power-down.


The 40pn connector enables you to stack an add-on board on the UPS.

The full guide, schematics, PCB layout file, and detail information is
on our WiKi:


DC Input Voltage / Current DC 4.8V ~ 5.4V / 2A minimum
Battery Charging Time / Current 1.5 ~ 2 Hours / 2A maximum
DC Output Current / Voltage Maximum 2A / 5V
Battery Pack 3,000mAh Lithium Polymer
Connector : Molex 51021-0200
Battery Life Cycle Carry out 400 cycle charging / discharging @ 20±5℃
integrated Protection PCB Overcharge and discharge protection
Estimated Running Time 2-4 hours with a typical load of 300mA @ 5V