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Long Range WiFi Booster

The Long Range WiFi Booster Extends WiFi range with increased transmitter power. The ALFA Long Range WiFi Amplifier provides up to 800 mW of transmit power. Coupled with its highly sensitive and upgradeable 5 dBi omni-directional antenna, this kit can achieve 2.5 Watts of total output power (EIRP).  Remember when calculating your total output that the FCC only allows 36dBm EIRP (4 watts). Transmitted power must be configured correctly to prevent potential interference problems due to the effective isotropic radiated power exceeding the limits as defined in FCC part 15.247(i). As defined in FCC part 15.247(i), the power transmitted by the transmitter can only have a maximum power level of 1 watt or 30dBm. The antenna can only have a maximum gain of 6dBi. If the power at the transmitter is lowered by 1dALFA Long Range WiFi Amplifier providesB, the antenna gain can be increased by an additional 3dB. For example, if an installation reduced power at the transmitter to 29dBm, it could use an antenna having a gain of 9dBi. In general, for every 1dB power reduction at the transmitter from 30dBm, an installation can add 3dB gain at the antenna.

L/R WiFi Booster R913.00
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Transmitter versus antenna gain:

  • 30dBm transmit - 6dBi antenna
  • 29dBm transmit - 9dBi antenna
  • 28dBm transmit - 12dBi antenna
  • 27dBm transmit - 15dBi antenna
  • 26dBm transmit - 18dBi antenna
  • 25dBm transmit - 21dBi antenna
  • 24dBm transmit - 24dBi antenna