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Huawei 5G Router

The Huawei 5G Router, is the World's first 3GPP Commercial router with 5G CPE sub6GHz capability.  This 5G router with world's first 5G modem Balong 5G01 from Huawei. It could offer up to 2Gbps peak download speed. This is a low-frequency version witch supports both 4G & 5G networks.  The unit supports the globally recognised 3GPP telecommunication standard for 5G.
It is the world’s first commercial chipset supporting the 3GPP standard for 5G, with theoretical downlink speeds of up to 2.3Gbps.  This makes Huawei the first company offering an end-to-end 5G solution through its network, devices and chipset-level capabilities.

Huawei 5G Router
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  • Peak download rate up to 2Gbps
  • Supports Sub6GHz multi-frequency
  • 4G/5G Dual connectivity

Availability of this unit will on be 2019