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USB Rubber Ducky

Imagine now it is possible to walk up to a computer, plug in a seemingly innocent USB drive, and have it install a backdoor, exfiltrate documents, steal passwords or any number of pentest tasks.  This can all be done with many well crafted keystrokes. If you could just sit in front of this computer, with photographic memory and perfect typing accuracy, you could do all of these things in just a few minutes. 

Ducky does this in seconds, It violates the inherent trust computers have in humans by posing as a keyboard then injecting keystrokes at superhuman speeds.  The USB Rubber Ducky delivers powerful payloads in seconds by taking advantage of the target computers inherent trust all while deceiving humans by posing as an ordinary USB drive.

USB Rubber Ducky R 1,250
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  • Ducky Script is an incredibly simple language. Write payloads in any text editor – from notepad to nano
  • REM to comment, STRING for long blocks of text, DELAY to momentarily pause and any combination of special keystrokes
  • That's it! You just learned Ducky Script!


This developed a truly remarkable platform with incredible processing power and versatility. 


  • Fast 60 MHz 32-bit CPU
  • Convenient type-A USB connector
  • Micro SD expandable memory
  • Programmable payload replay button
  • JTAG interface with GPIO and DFU bootloader