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Boosting your 3G/Mobile Signal with External Antennas


Boost your Signal with these external antenna options

With people increasingly switching to 3G for their broadband needs many people are looking for ways of improving or boosting their 3g signal. In some cases it might be that they are on the periphery of the cell network, as in many semi-rural areas, or simply your location is in a cell tower blind spot or dead zone. In a lot of cases people get good signal and wish to boost it from 2 or 3 bar to 4 bar to ensure they are getting maximum speeds from the service. This is especially important for businesses who are using a shared 3G connection.

Antennas - one for every need 

We now have a range of antennas in stock to suit the different needs and requirements of 3g users.  There are high gain, medium gain antennas that are fixed and require installation with brackets and masts and then a window mount antenna option that is more mobile and requires no drilling.

High Gain Antenna

The high gain antenna is large but provides the biggest boost to your signal. This antenna is ideal if you have very weak signal and can mount the rather large antenna on your roof. The cons of this antenna is its size and it is the most expensive solution. Also it is not mobile in that it is permanently fixed.If you are getting 2 bars of signal it might be better to consider the medium gain antenna.

Medium Gain Antenna

There are two options for the medium gain antennas. A directional medium gain 3G antenna and a onmi directional 3G antenna. The medium gain directional antenna  needs to be mounted on the roof while the onmi directional is more mobile and can be mounted if needed but can alos be left to stand loose.  It is ideal for situation where you cannot mount an external antenna the size of the high gain 3G antenna due to building/body corporatist rules etc. It is cheaper than the high gain antenna or medium gain directional antenna.

Window Mount 3G Antenna

The final option is the window mount 3G antenna. This antenna is attached to a window via suction cups. This is ideal if you want some degree of mobility with your external antenna. If you move between two locations such as the Cape Town and Jozi office or are a member of a project team that moves every couple of months this is an ideal solution for you!