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GSM/3G External Antenna - Boost Your Signal!


3G External Yagi Antenna

3G external antennas are prooving to be very popular recently in South Africa as telkom's fix line network remains neglected and under constant attack by copper thieves. Unfortunately there are many areas, even in the major metorpolitian areas, where cell coverage can be weak. The problem is even worse in rural or semi-rural areas. Inmany cases getting a fixed external antenna solves the problem with weak 3G/GSM signals.

3G Antenna Boosts Signal Strength

Many people wonder how an external antenna can fit on a USB 3g/GSM modem that has no connector for the antenna. It always hard to describe this on the phone so here are some photos that hopefully make it clear how the external antenna works for USB modems. If you have router or modem with an external antenna then you don't need the anteanna adapter and can attached the SMA connector straight onto your router!

3G USB Modem Adapter for External Antenna

 Below you can see the adapter and how it connects to the external antenna. This "golve" then slips over the USB modem boosting the signal by several orders of magnitude.3G adapter for external antenna















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