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3G Antennas


3G Anttennas are in high demand these days as telkom's service delivery failure leaves many consumers and businesses with no choice but to use 3G for their broadband needs. 3G antennas are especially in demand in semi-rural and rural areas, or areas that fall on the periphery of South Africa's cell phone providers networks to boost signal strength and provide users with a useable internet connection. We provide 3g antennas that can be self-installed.

External 3G Antennas boost signal strength

An external 3g antenna works pretty similar to your TV antenna. If you live is an area with poor reception the 3g antenna will boost your signal. By how much it will boost your signal depends on the gain of the antenna and how accurately you can align it with the nearest cell tower. Aligning the antenna can be done manually  in a similar manner to your tv antenna by manually adjusting it until the best results are obtained. The antennas are easy to install

Any 3G USB Modem Can Benefit from an External Antenna

The antenna needs to be attached to your 3G modmen in order to be affective. To achieve this a "glove" like adaptor is provided which wraps around your 3G USB modem. Its flexible enough to fit all 3G USB modems and your modem does not require an antenna connector to benefit from using an external antenna.

The atenna can also be fitted to 3G routers which do require an antenna connector. Luckily the 3g routers provided by Cyber Connect can take these connectors and are ideal for businesses who reside in poor reception areas but have no choice but to use 3g/GPRS for their data connection needs.