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Arduino 1Sheeld+ Board

The Arduino 1Sheeld+ board for Android and iOS turns your smartphone into 40 different Arduino Shields it supports voice recognition, Twitter, GPS, gamepad, camera and more, it can be used as an input or output from Arduino electronics prototyping processes and consists of two physical parts and a software platform which is compatible with iOS and Android interfaces. The 1Sheeld+ uses a standard HM-10 Bluetooth low energy adapter (BLE 4.0) with a range up to 30 feet and communicates with Arduino using UART. It has 7.37 MHz operating frequency which supports iOS versions starting 9.0 and up and Android versions starting 4.3 and up.

Arduino 1Sheeld+ Board R680
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The product consists of two parts, the first being the baord or shield that physically connects to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless unit, allowing data to move between the Arduino and any iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth.




There are already a number of shields developed for 1Sheeld like LED, Toggle Button, Buzzer, Slider, LCD, 7-Segment, Keypad, Music Player, GamePad, Notifications, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Gyroscope, SMS, Flashlight, and Mic. And we have many other shields being developed.







Buzzer, Keyboard and Slider Shields

Camera and Accelerometer Shields

Clock and Mic Shields

Gamepad, Pattern and Keypad Shields

Music Player, Magnetometer and Terminal Shields

Push Button and Toggle Button Shields

Twitter, Seven Segment and Facebook Shields