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The Internet of Things! Connecting you to the future!Arduino uno

Cyber Connect wants to help you create the future! We live in exciting times where the possibilities open to everyone, to innovate and participate in the development of the myriad of disruptive emerging technologies is available like never before. Like the computer clubs of the 80's which saw the emergence of the PC and later the internet, the maker clubs and groups around South Africa and the world are helping devlop the next great technologies that will fundamentally change our lives like 3d printers, drones and the internet of things!

We at Cyber Connect hope to provide you with access to the latest components, devices and technology that allow you to develop these new products and services, for fun and, maybe if you invent the next big thing, for profit :) 

Check out our latest line of electronic components and products from Arduino, Raspberry PI and Black Magic Designs! Come back soon for new updates and product lines. Cyber Connect, helping you build stuff!

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